Purchase Agreement

Golden 1 Center Single-Event License Agreement

Last Updated: July 17, 2023

Golden 1 Center Single-Event License Agreement

  1. “Licensor”. Sacramento Kings Limited Partnership
  2. The fees due in connection with Licensee’s use of the Premium Rental shall be either paid in full or 50% paid simultaneously with Licensee’s execution of this Agreement. If 50% paid at time of purchase, the remaining 50% of payment will be charged 45 days before the event. The Fees shall be deemed fully earned by Licensor upon receipt and shall be non-refundable unless the Event in cancelled. In addition, a credit card will be required to secure a reservation for the Premium Rental for Premium Rental incidentals or damages during event.
  3. Terms and Conditions. By signing this Agreement, the undersigned hereby agrees to the following provisions:

License Fee: The Fees are inclusive of applicable taxes.

Liability / Indemnity Provision: License shall be responsible for all damage caused by Licensee or Licensee’s guests to the Golden 1 Center or to the Premium Rental, or to any fixtures, furnishings, equipment or other property in either the Golden 1 Center or the Premium Rental. None of the Released Parties (as defined below) will be responsible for any damage, theft, or any other loss or disappearance from the Premium Rental or the Golden 1 Center of any property of Licensee, its employees, officers, or representatives or any of their guests or invitees (the “Licensee Parties”).

Attorneys’ Fees: Licensee shall pay all costs and expenses, including without limitation attorneys’ fees, incurred by Licensor to enforce the terms of this Agreement and in conjunction with the above indemnity provision.

Rules, Regulations, and Policies: Licensee shall comply with all applicable governmental laws and orders, and with the rules promulgated by Licensor relating to the use and occupancy of the Premium Rental, including, without limitation, the prohibition of the use of movie cameras, videotaping equipment, or audio recording equipment by Licensee and any of the Licensee Parties.

Prohibition on Resale. Licensee is licensing the Premium Rental solely for its use and the use of the Licensee Parties and shall not sell to the public, offer or agree to sell to the public, or permit any public sale of, whether voluntary or involuntary, any tickets issued to Licensee pursuant to this Agreement.

Indemnification. Licensee, at Licensee’s sole cost and expense, shall indemnify, defend (with counsel of Licensor’s choice) and hold harmless Sacramento Downtown Arena LLC, Licensor, Sacramento Basketball Holdings LLC, the City of Sacramento, the NBA and the Golden 1 Center’s concessionaires, and each of their respective officers, managers, members, partners, affiliates, agents and employees (the “Released Parties”) from any against any and all claims, costs, damages, liabilities, obligations, expenses and fees (including reasonable attorneys’ and experts’ fees and costs), caused by: (a) Licensee’s use of the Premium Rental; (b) the negligent or willful conduct of any Licensee Party; or (c) any breach by Licensee of any of its representations, warranties, covenants or obligations under this Agreement.

By signing this Agreement, I agree to license the above Premium Rental in the Golden 1 Center for the Event above on the above terms. Also, I authorize (if not paying by check) my credit card to be charged for said price.